Remix Contest

Sunblazed Records July 2017 Remix Contest

Official Sunblazed Records Remix Contest

Once a month, Sunblazed Records offers contestants the opportunity to showcase their talent and passion. Winning the contest not only affords bragging rights of having an official remix with Sunblazed Records, but you’ll also have the opportunity to receive free promotion on our social media channels.


This month’s contest is Bobby Millette's for the track Celebrate. We will repost all track submissions on a Soundcloud playlist (, where users vote for their favorite version by liking and commenting on the track. The winning track is decided with the most likes and approving comments.


  1. After you register for the contest, download the track via
  2. Then, record your submission in the open slot. Ensure your track is successfully recorded. Only one submission per contest, so make it count. 
  3. Finally, upload your completed submission to your Soundcloud channel and send us a link via message / email

Good luck!


To register for the contest, you must agree with the terms and conditions below. You must also be at least 18 years of age or have the written permission or expressed consent of a parent or legal guardian.

*Terms and Conditions:

-You must be 18 years of age or have the expressed consent of a parent or legal guardian. Not be signed to any contractual obligations or agreements with a third-party that preclude participation in the contest as set forth above.

-All remixes must be original creations and not duplicates of remixes or content already available in the public domain.

-Any disruptive, manipulative, or deceptive actions/behavior are grounds for nullification of any prizes or participation in this or future contests

-You will be the winner, only if your submission garners the most likes, plays, or positive comments relative to other submissions within this contest, in addition to the judgment of Sunblazed Records’ judges.

-Only one submission per contest

-Low quality or inaudible submissions will be rendered void and ineligible to win

-All participants agree that their contact information may be shared with Sunblazed Records for the purposes of contacting the winner of the contest and for purposes set forth in the above terms and conditions

- All decisions made by Sunblazed Records are final and subject to change at any time