How to Promote Your Music on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the best places to share content on social media, and with more than 700 million active users, it’s especially useful for bands and musicians to get the word out about their music. The best part? Instagram is easy to use, and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. But having […]

How to Create a Killer Animated Music Video

Music videos are big business. With the explosive popularity of MTV and other video based music channels as well as the more recent rise of YouTube and Vevo being used as an excellent way to find, experience and explore new music. If you don’t have an awesome video for your top tracks you are missing […]

How to Get Gigs

Whether you’re a musician who likes to sing covers for a few extra bucks, a starving artist building a fan base, or a blend of both, booking gigs is both hard and necessary. To start working on booking a gig, we’ll need to decide what kind of gig we’re trying to book. There are a […]

The Musician’s Ultimate Guide To Selling Merch Online

Merch is a really important part of being a musician.You’ll remember what it was like to buy a t-shirt by your favorite artist and proudly display your band colors to everyone. And now you’ll know that selling your merch is an important part of making a living from your music.Deciding how to sell your merch […]

5 Ways to Find Band Members

Everyone knows that getting your music heard is extremely hard, but before you can even make music to be pushed out to aspiring fans, you need a team of band members working towards the same goal. Whether you’re looking to replace a band member or you’re forming a new band, finding band members with great […]

Steal These 6 Marketing Tactics from Startups to Promote Your Music

Do you have great music but don’t know how to promote it? Do you wish you had a loyal audience who would listen to your music over and over again? Do you feel that your music marketing is lacking nuance and impact? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re in the right […]